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This SizeGenetics review is here simply to document my experience of using SizeGenetics penis extending device. I didn’t want to be bothered explaining my story or giving tips so I created this blog to answer all questions more publicly so that people would be able to learn and receive the solutions to the problems in which they are searching for resolutions to. When you want answers, you want them now, not to have to search day and night through hundreds if not thousands of threads to find a simple answer that might as well have just been presented in the first place. The idea was simply to catalog some of my results for friends that want to try the device as well and let them see the URL, but some of them got excited and told two friends, whom later told two friends, and so on and so on. Eventually my review was all over the net so everyone knows… makes me glad I didn’t put my info out there with it, lol. I guess it wouldn’t matter since I’m so physically gifted naturally in length, but the device gave me that big thickness (girth) that I wanted, so it was definitely well worth the little money spent on the device, that’s for damn sure!

How did I end up creating a SizeGenetics review?

Back in high school the big talk was always among the girls was always about how good a guy was in bed or how big his dick was and being naturally gifted, I never had any complaints in that department as I had a 9 inch penis in high school. Though it was very long for my age and body frame, it was nowhere near as thick as I would want it to be. I mean, I wanted it to hurt a woman when I push it in to a point where she knew I was there from just barely getting in where I’d have to struggle a bit. Instead, my penis was so long that I could never really fit it completely in a girl without her crying and hollering that it hurts so bad (though it was wonders for some of the older women) and I actually wanted my cock to be smaller than it was but just thicker. I figured my body hadn’t finished growing yet so I still had time, but evidently this was not the case as the circumference definitely enlarged over time, but nothing like I wanted it to or would have even expected.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing sex life as I studied a lot of sex books before I even first had sex and spent a lot of time jerking off (spanking the monkey they called it back then) so I was well prepared for the long haul, but though women went crazy over the size of my cock being bigger than anyone else they’d been with, I just wasn’t satisfied. I remember watching this one film of this African-American man they called “Long Dong Silver” or something like that whom had a penis so huge that it came down his pants legs. I was like WOAH, WTF!? That’s like a friggin elephant’s trunk! I DEFINITELY didn’t want THAT size of a dick, now would I even research how to make your dick bigger in aspiration to acquire a size like that. Crazy…. No way in hell I could fit that in any woman. I mean… who would even think to have sex with me with a cock like that? Anyways… What infactuated me about his penis size (no I’m not gay, shut up… I’m just saying) was that it was extremely thick… TOO thick, but thick. Immediately I began researching for methods to make my girth bigger in which I tried I don’t know how many methods which all failed, but eventually I came across the Jelqing and Stretching methods. Jelqing was moreso to overfill the penis with blood in which to force it to grow in circumference, aka Girth. Stretching on the other hand was moreso for length, which I already had too much of. So what did I do? You guessed it… I jelqed nonstop for months. It made my penis width and circumference much more to my liking, yes, but I wasn’t receiving the results I wanted fast enough, possibly from not being consistent enough.

My quests lasted for several months with strong dedication simply from imagining the possibilities… if only I could just get the size I want, what would sex be like then!? I somehow stumbled across a review site called MyFullSizeGeneticsReview. What I found was simply amazing, at least that was my first thought, and I just had to get one to try it for myself. Now I didn’t instantly believe in any kind of device as I figured it would be some kind of gimmick and I preferred the good old fashioned hand method where I was in control and felt safer, but hey… the thought of accomplishing the same or even smaller results, but with the ability to leave my hands free to do other things had me compelled to get one, so… I did! WOW was it a great investment! I ordered, and received my device, and immediately felt the tension when I strapped it on and I was basically just walking around my room naked all day or sitting down playing video games while it did it’s work. I mean I was literally hands-off to accomplish the same things I would literally lay on my bed or sit hanging partially off a chair doing for 30 minutes to an hour almost every single day, at least 5 days a week.

SizeGenetics review for the packagingIn the beginning I was considering ordering a penis pump which was advertised to give permanent gains, aka ,noticeable results after only a few short weeks or whatever, but from my understanding, pumps are temporary and just make your dick swollen for a particular amount of time. This wasn’t good enough for me, I wanted permanent get big stay big dick results, you know?

Acknowledging that at most, a penis pump would yield not only minimal, but temporary results, I chose rather to continue my search and try the newfound SizeGenetics Penis Extender System. I mean hell… it has a 6-month guarantee. If I can’t get results in SIX MONTHS I can send it back!? That’s like the ultimate amount of time for even the slightest gain to make it worth it… I was pretty certain they wouldn’t give a guarantee like that on something that they expected to fail or yield no results, especially in that amount of time. As for the device itself… well look at the picture! Much different from what I expected, as it’s small, and straight to the point whereas to the pump is all bulky and you can’t really hide what you’re doing too well. Oh and yeah… did I mention… it has a SIX MONTH GUARANTEE!?

I am going to Buy SizeGenetics system, but which one should I order according to this SizeGenetics review?

Due to my size, I chose to skip the ‘Starter Edition’ package and went with the 58 Way Ultimate System, Multi head piece – You should definitely have this. This basically contains all the parts and various head beds which will lower the friction greatly and basically thug in your penis head and make it comfy. A must have.

Traction Plus Powder, Aftercare moisturizer – Another additions which are very important for comfort and results. The powder will create a traction between the stretcher and your penis so the stimulation would be non-stop yet still comfortable. The moisturizer will keep your penis in good shape and speed up the tissue regeneration process.Size Genetics Comfort System

There also several other items like PenisHealth exercise DVD – contains all the tips how to stimulate the growth of your penis when combined with the device. There are a lot more additions which will only make the experience better and results faster. But in brief – don’t save money on SizeGenetics simply because it will be a device which you will be using for a while and comfort is a must have.

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Luckily, I contacted the customer service(who, by the the way, responded immediately) paid some additional money and they sent the rest of the items and from that time the process of using SizeGenetics stretcher has been very pleasant and without any discomfort. To be honest, thanks to the various heads and Ultimate Comfort System I don’t even feel the device anymore.

So yeah, I suggest to buy Ultimate System or medium package at least.

Below I also have responded to questions I have received over these 2 years while running this blog.

Does SizeGenetics work? What results you got?

I got an increase of about 2 inches during these 2 years. I got 1,3 inch growth in first 5 months and after that the length gradually increased. At the moment my penis in 7,2 inches long.

Do you still use SizeGenetics?

Now I use it about 2 days a week to sustain the results I have gained and also give some additional increase. Although the growth has been slower recently (I have already achieved great results and it is obvious when after some time I will hit my traction limit – however, I am pretty sure that for a year I still will notice only solid increase).

How does SizeGenetics work?

SizeGenetics mechanics are solely based upon the traction it provides. Traction has been a major aspect of medicinal practice as a proven method to speed up new cell growth for several thousands of years. Traction methodology is often utilized in order to extend the length of fingers and toes after injuries, and there is even a procedure to make people taller by using traction to stretch their legs. Even in Africa traction has been used for many years in cultural practices to extend body parts and ligaments, such as when you see the African tribes wearing thick necklaces, etc. to stretch their necks. As well as it has worked for so many other purposes, it’s no surprise that someone would eventually think to apply it to the penis! Hell, I wish I thought of it first, as it is even now to this day being used to increase the size and girth of penis successfully and without surgery. As soon as a limb is under a light extending pressure, the growth cells in your penis are activated and to lower the light pressure new cells start to grow thus extending the length as well as girth of your penis.

Is there any kind of Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, in fact there is! A 6 month money back guarantee accompanies the size genetics penis enlargement system, which in my opinion is way more than enough time to achieve results which are noticeable. From my personal experience, the majority of my results were seem to have come from my first 6 months of using the device. Tough I am still seeing progress, they are minimal compared to when I first started.

Do you know other people who got good results?

I know of a place where people go to discuss their results, and i will provide this information on request. There are plenty of size genetics reviews and testimonials as well.

What doctors say about SizeGenetics?

In fact, many physicians often recommend SizeGenetics for their patients. The following doctors have even carried out trials and approved the device as very effective.


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