Penis Enlargement

Alongside learning how to straighten a bent penis, many men are saying well… if the device can straighten your penis and make it look a little onger at the same time, how about speaking on how to make your dick bigger as well. I must say.. you’re in luck. How to get a big dick isn’t really as far-fetched as it sounds, as there are plenty of natural ways to do such a thing, for example a device similar to the peyronies disease device that’s geared a little differently as it’s based moreso upon stretching and holding those stretches for prolonged periods of time. Though there are many devices to make your dick bigger, our personal favorite is the SizeGenetics penis enlargement system. Of course there are also a wide number of guides that consists of methods of stretching and hold your penis in the stretches for a set amount of time and JELQing, which is when you stroke your penis with both hands in an alternating fashion to stimulate blood flow and push it from the base to the head and locking it in.

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