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The Peyronies Disease Device is a medical product intended to relieve and correct penile curvature that often inhibits sex and causes pain in many men. The product is said to reduce the discomfort caused by Peyronie’s disease as well as improve the sex life of the man affected. It is said to be the only medically backed device that can correct penile curvature.

In this Peyronies Device review, we will discuss what Peyronie’s disease really is and then the ways in which it is most often treated–including the ways in which this device may be able to aid you if you suffer from this malady.


What is Peyronie’s Disease?

First, let us talk about what Peyronies is: its history, definition, symptoms, causes, and how it can be treated. Peyronie’s disease is a real disease that was first recorded as a problem by the surgeon to King Louis XIV of France, a man by the name of François Gigot de la Peyronie. It was he who alluded to the disorder in his writings which date back to the 1700s.

Dr. Aaron Spitz Explains Peyronie’s Disease

Today the disease affects approximately 10% of the male population. The issue is caused by plaque–or fibrous scar tissue–that builds up beneath the skin of the penis and causes a curvature to the length of the penis. This plaque buildup may make the penis curve up, down, right, or left, depending on where it is beneath the skin. The curvature–and resulting pain–can be apparent when the penis is flaccid or erect.

Extended and resulting problems are pain and/or difficult sex. For many many who suffer from Peyronies Disease, sex is even impossible. Some men confuse the curvature caused by Peyronies with a simply naturally occurring curve of the penis, which may be common. Chances are, if you feel a lump beneath the skin, it is Peyronies. Regardless, with the Peyronies Device, either issue can be cured.


How Does the Peyronies Device Treat Peyronies or a Natural Curve?

peyronies-disease-studiesThis Peyronies Device review will aim to explain the basic treatment plan options for Peyronies disease or a natural curve of the penis, as well as explain how the treatment intends to cure this problem.

There are several ways in which Peyronies has been known to be treated. Unfortunately not all of them work. Some men have tried drugs or surgery, but neither of these routes of treatment have been very successful and both can often lead to additional medical issues.

What the Peyronies Device does is stretch the penis gently. The man wearing the product carefully straps it around his penis, and using the tension technology with comfort foam and latex grip, the device is worn for a period of time to slowly stretch the penis into a straightened position instead of the curved shape that it tends to want to shape. In fact, the device is said to even extend the penis in addition to relieving its curvature, thus not only making sex possible again, but making it more pleasurable for both the man and his partner. The device is not uncomfortable and is essentially effortless while it is functioning.

Evidence that proves this device works comes from many medical studies that have been done on the product, including one study that was conducted at the Italian University of Torino, in which the medical experts highly praised the device as being successful at penile straightening. There is also evidence that the comfortable brace-like structure of this device works, because similar technology has been used successfully on human limbs for many years.

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What do I get if I Order This Device?

The Peyronies Device is patented with two main treatment plans, and you can choose the one that best suits you and your specific needs. There is the Curvature Straightening Plan and the Peyronies Treatment Plan. Both of the plans include the main, basic package, most important of which is the Medical Type 1 Peyronies Traction Device. This device is of the utmost quality and manufactured in Europe. It is the only one of its kind and has been tested in several clinical trials–all of which found that it had a positive effect, and in fact, succeeded in correcting, penile curvature.peyronies disease device complete system


The Directional Noose Straightening Device corrects penile curvature to the left, right, up, or down; it doesn’t matter. With the special Perfect Grip System, the penis is gripped by the device to ensure adequate tension when in use, but it is not so tight and uncomfortable as to cause the wearer to be unable to leave the device on while doing other activities. There are a plethora of sizes, shapes and grips to choose from in this arena, and the wearer can choose the best grip for him. There are also two different types of heads to choose from with the Multi Head.

The Peyronies Device stresses that results can come quick the more frequent the device is worn. To lengthen wearing ability, they have provided comfort strips with every kit which are made of foam and latex. Each kit also comes with free spare parts, and several extras, including, but not limited to: a luxury carrying case with security key, detailed and thorough instructs, special massage techniques to speed recovery, and Go Today Vitamin E Oil. Specific to the Peyronies Treatment Plan are several items, including Extreme Amino and Enzyme P500, that can truly help eliminate penile curvature resulting from this disease.

The Unique Directional Noose Straightening System lets you target the direction you wish your penis to go. You can counter the effects that your natural curve or Peyronies Disease have had and essentially train your penis to straighten out with the patented device.

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Where Can I Find More Information?

If you or someone you know has read this Peyronies Device review and is interested in learning more about Peyronies Disease, natural curvature of the penis, or the Peyronies Device, visit There are several ordering options and all orders offer free shipping, which is a big bonus. Altogether, visiting this site will tell you everything you need to know about curing your curve so as to reduce pain and bring back your sex life.




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